Polyphonic Symphony: David McConnell

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Apr 1, 2009 - May 1, 2009

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  • It's Detached From the Earth , David Mcconnell, , video installation. This video is done with one shot over my record player as I play side one to "voices of the loon". This Lp is fascinating in its own right. It explores the sound of the Loon bird song as well as environmental and romantic knowledge of the Loon. The narrator has a voice that makes scientific knowledge sound like poetry (the video title is taken from his statement describing one of the Loons calls). I have manipulated his voice in the studio to amplify this poetic quality. These birds are very musical and even tend to prefer the key of b flat so I also created a rhythmic score to accompany their songs., 2009

  • Gideon Bible Installation , David Mcconnell, , mixed media, sound installation: My interest in this ongoing popular publication is based on the many edits and rewrites that exist and are continually changing. I created my own fluxus based interpretation by reading the first page of Gideons bible backwards to the meter of a metronome. I recorded my voice into a microphone then created an experimental musical score and recorded the score in synch to the recorded words. The words which baffled me as a child now made more sense. They became a form of abstract poetry. The audio for the installation is played back through a series of vintage sound and recording devices, all of which are displayed organically as I might set it up in my own home or studio., 2009


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  • Gideon Bible Installation

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