In the Flat Field: curated by Jason Stopa

Exhibition Artworks

Feb 4, 2011 - Mar 16, 2011


In the Flat Field - a mixed media group show curated by Jason Stopa. The artists chosen for this exhibit are all working within a visual field that is perceptually flat. The works imply a natural surrounding that is mediated via photography, subjectivity, and/or process mark making. The perceptual flatness of the works call attention to their surfaces, keeping the viewer in and out simultaneously.

Featured artists:
Aaron McElroy
Daniel Levine
Bill Sullivan
R. Scott Whipkey
Michael Brennan
Matthew Hassell
Rebecca Morgan
Cassandra Baker
Nathan Abels
Emily Lindskoog
Jason Stopa
Laura Murdoch
Kerri Lockwood
Maura Falfan

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